Fixing My HVAC Unit: 4 Common Mistakes to Avoid

Replacing your HVAC unit isn’t the easiest task in the household, but it’s the most appreciated. Here, we’ll show the most common mistakes that people make in order to avoid them!

Your TV is Near Your AC

Avoid placing TV sets or lamps near your thermostat that controls the central air or near the window unit. The thermostat finds heat from the appliances which might cause your air conditioner to take longer to run than necessary.

You’re Forgetting Your Annual Check-Up

Having an inspection by a professional HVAC technician can find any serious problems before they become difficult and leave you sweating and hot during the summer. Your technician will have to check your moving parts and the refrigerant and make sure you recharge the system if it’s necessary.

Too Sunny Inside

If your AC unit is near a sunny window, it will have to exert more energy to cool the space. And if the thermostat for the system is in a hot area, it does register the wrong temperature. What’s the best option? Make sure that your curtains and shades are drawn all during the summertime to ensure that your AC unit can work properly.

Your Thermostat Isn’t Displaying the Right Setting

If you’re using a programmable thermostat, make sure that it’s programmed so your home is in the right temperature when you’re home and a few degrees higher when you’re not. Remember, for every degree you increase the temperature; you’ll save around 3% of the total air conditioning costs.

However, window units don’t have a full-house control of the central system. If you’re relying on one window unit in order to cool a large space, you will have to experiment with the correct thermostat setting because the temperature might vary depending on if you’re in the room.

How to Fix Your HVAC Unit

Here’s a table that will help you DIY replace your HVAC unit:


Step Detail
1: Turn off the power to your unit at the breaker panel or disconnect. Don’t do this on your own, if you’re not able to do this.
2: Look and inspect your capacitator Take out the service panel, find the start capacitator, and see if issues start to occur.
3:  Discharge power from the capacitator Be careful when doing this step. If you need any help, contact a professional contractor.
4: Remove the old capacitator It should be easy to unscrew your metal band holding the capacitor.
5: Take note on how the wires connect Make sure you do this before removing them!
6:  Disconnect all of the wires Remove them with pliers.
7:  Select a replacement Know your voltage rating and micro frauds, or the model or make of the AC.
8:  Get a replacement and attach it. Check the local contractor supply store



To conclude, you’re going to have to fix your AC so that you can have cool air during the summer. If you do plan on using a professional HVAC contractor Vernon hills, then communicate with them from installation to completion of the project. Doing this will help you keep your house cool throughout the winter, keeping you and your family warm.

Do you have any extra questions about fixing your AC?

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