Everything You Need to Consider when Installing Your Solar Energy System in Australia

Image attributed to Pixabay.com

Having your own solar energy system in Australia has its particular benefits, and you may already know that it can help you save a tremendous amount on your electricity bill alone. And the fact about solar energy in Australia is this: the country receives a vast amount of energy from the sun. As a matter of fact, Australia receives about 10,000 times the power from the sun that Australians can consume in energy in a complete year, so this is definitely one big reason to have your own solar energy system indeed. But before you ‘jump on the bandwagon’ and install your own solar power system, there are some things you need to consider and remember first.

  • Your solar energy system’s efficiency will be based on a range of factors, and this includes the kind of solar panels you will have, how big your solar energy system is, and where your actual home is located.
  • Your solar energy system’s efficiency, as well as the amount of energy used by your own household, will have an effect on the extent to which you may be able to rely or depend on your solar power in order to replace power from the grid. In other words, you have to look closely at how much energy you consume in your household; knowing what you consume will help you get the most efficient solar energy system for your needs. It wouldn’t do, for instance, to get a small system when you have a large household which consumes a lot of electricity. Your system should be appropriate for what you require.
  • It pays to be realistic with what you expect from your solar energy system as well. For instance, you should know that solar energy can work in conjunction with the electricity you receive from the grid, so you needn’t worry about running out of power during a rainy or cloudy day. The good news is that you can still have energy which you can get from the grid even if the energy you get from the sun isn’t enough. In the same vein, you shouldn’t expect your entire power needs to be supplied only by your solar energy system.
  • In order for your solar energy system to be more than efficient and to be worthwhile, you need to have a roof which is not affected by shade. It is also a good idea to check that your roof is oriented so that it can provide your solar panels with maximum exposure to the sun. This means that it’s better to have a roof that faces north.
  • Various policies from the government will have an effect on how your solar installation can receive subsidies and how you can get the rebates for the energy or power your system produces. For this, it would be in your best interest to check your territory or state policies, so you know your eligibility and how you can further benefit from a good solar energy system.
  • Make sure that whatever purchase you make for your solar energy system is the right fit according to government regulations and standards, and that any installation or consultation is carried out by a capable as well as an accredited solar installer.