Acoustic vs. Electronic Drums: Which is Better for Beginners?

So, you want to get into drumming? One of the first and most important questions you will have to answer for yourself is which kind of drum set to get.
The two main types are acoustic and electronic. Each come with their own set of pros and cons that we will explore to help you make an educated decision and begin your drumming journey.
Acoustic Drums: Pros

1.Great Sound

Acoustic drums are the only way to get that classic drum sound that probably enticed you to want to take up drumming in the first place. Electronic drums can produce a wider variety of sounds, but the quality will be much higher with acoustic drums.
2.Very Responsive
Acoustic drums are extremely responsive to different amounts of pressure that you apply to them. You can get a wider range of authentic sounds out of an acoustic drum than you can from an electronic drum.
3. Amazing for Live Performance
Acoustic drums are perfect for powerful and dynamic playing for those who intend to perform gigs in front of live audiences. Electronic drums will not be able to provide the same experience.
Acoustic Drums: Cons

1. Requires Tuning

To perform properly, acoustic drums must be tuned regularly which can take time for a beginner to master. If you just want to play for fun on occasion without it taking too much time, then an electronic drum kit may be the way to go.

2. Very Expensive

A quality acoustic drum set tends to be much more expensive than electronic kits. If you just want to try out drumming and you are unsure if you will stick with it, then you may not want to start with a big investment.
Electric Drums: Pros

1. Smaller

Electronic drums sets tend to be much smaller than their acoustic counterparts making them much easier to own if you live in a small establishment such as a studio apartment.

2. Quieter Sound

If you have nearby neighbors who would be upset by loud drum practicing, then an electronic kit may be a good choice. Electronic drums have much more volume control than acoustic drums, making them great for apartments with thin walls

3. No Need to Know Drum Maintenance

With electronic drums, there is no need to know how to tune them or take care of the sensitive materials that acoustic drums are made from. You can just take out electronic drums and immediately start playing them without any set-up time.
Electric Drums: Cons

1. Quick Devaluation

With new technology constantly evolving, electronic drum sets can become obsolete very quickly. If you want to make an investment that will keep its value for a long time, then you should definitely go with an acoustic set because it is unlikely that an electronic drum set will resell for the price at which you bought it.

2. Skills Don’t Easily Transfer to Acoustic Drum Kits

If you think that you may want to play acoustic drums at some point, then it is not advisable to start with an electronic drum set because it may teach you some bad habits. Electronic drum kits will produce the same sound no matter how hard you hit it which is not the same for acoustic sets.
Overall, if you know you want to take drumming seriously and put in the time and effort to be skilled at it, then you should go with an acoustic drum set. This website hosts awesome acoustic drum sets to help you get your search started.
Conversely, if you are very nonchalant about your desire to play drums and think that it will just be a casual hobby that you don’t want to invest a ton of time and effort into, then an electronic drum set will be perfect for you. It all depends on the goals you hope to achieve by playing the instrument.