5 Manliest Hobbies Including Airsoft and Wingsuit Flying

Let’s begin by saying that there are other manly things to do in this world besides hammering down drywall and drinking beer. When we say manly, we don’t necessarily think about sweaty, grumpy, bulky dudes who only grunt from time to time.

Manliness has a multitude of facets and it takes effort and patience to master it. One way to learn it is through hobbies, which is why we’ve identified five hobbies practiced by some of the manliest men out there.

#1: Physical and Mental Fitness

Manly men don’t need to be ripped and flaunt their six-pack abs, but they do have to take care of their bodies. This means working out to stay in shape and maybe get involved in a sport you like. Having a sport to practice allows you to create time that’s just for you, away from the job, family, and other stressful responsibilities.

This way, you get to recharge your batteries, spend time with your friends, and have a healthy body and mind. A cool sport to try with friends, especially if you like military stuff, is airsoft. There are cool-looking guns that seem almost real, lots of fields available for all sorts of situations, and the game is extremely popular all over the world (read more at AIrsoft Pal).

#2: Build Stuff

If you’re the kind of guy who likes to tinker around the house, you should consider making a hobby out of it. Men are wired towards making stuff, so find your passion and invest in it. Maybe you like to recondition old radio devices or you’re into building rockets, anything that keeps your hands busy and mind free is perfect!

Men who are interested in making stuff develop to be problem-solvers, a skill that comes in handy in every aspect of life. It’s also a fantastic skill to pass on to your own children, and a way to bond with them beyond video games and homework.

#3: Wingsuit Flying

Photo by wikipedia

If you ever saw a spy movie, you probably know what Wingsuit flying is. On the outside it looks fun and exciting, but it takes a lot of practice to fly like a bird with nothing but some extra clothing on!

Still, if you want to try it, and you do manage to master it, you can say you’ve won the manliness contest! This activity is by far extremely interesting for anyone asking (especially the ladies) and it will give you a new perspective on life and entertainment.

#4: Play Chess

While it may not fit the standard narrative, chess is a game played by men for thousands of years. The game was invented to sharpen the mind of men and tune their focus while sharpening problem-solving skills and it only recently let the women into the club.

So, if you want to feel like the lords of old times, grab some friends and gather around a chess board with a fine whiskey in one hand and a flavored cigar in the other. It may be hours before you realize the passing of time!

#5: Restore Classic Cars

Photo by Pixabay

Yep, it doesn’t get manlier than that! Now, instead of cars you can restore classic bikes, but the principle is the same. There’s something incredibly masculine with gears, engines, oils, and the smell of gas that no other activity can muster, so why not try your chance at a car you like?

Some people like to work on cars they liked as a child or even cars drove by their dads when they were young. The possibilities are limitless and now there are entire businesses that do this so it should be rather easy to find parts.

The idea is to do it yourself or with other men that are close to you. Even though it may seem like a difficult task that will take out of you and your wallet, the moment you hear that engine roar back to life and get the car out of the garage, you’ll know what manliness feels like!

In Conclusion

As you can see, there is a hobby for everyone, so take a deep look inside and find an activity that speaks to your passions. This aspect is important because a hobby should bring you happiness and fulfillment, not more work.