How to save money when selling your property

Want to know how to save money when selling your property? Then read on to discover our top tips for saving money when you are planning to move.

Save on estate agents

If you are using a traditional estate agent, then get at least three valuations so you have a realistic view of your home’s worth and so that you can compare their fees. If you are using a single estate agent, then the fee is usually between 1 and 1.5 percent, but do feel you can haggle – it can prove one way in which to save money. Also, ensure you know what is included in the fee; will the agent conduct viewings out of normal office hours and at weekends for instance? You may feel that the fee is worth the work they are putting in. Alternatively, consider the option of using an online estate agent; just remember that although the fee is likely to be substantially less, you will need to do more of the legwork yourself.

Save on legal costs

You could save money by cutting costs on conveyancing costs and undertaking these checks yourself, but it is not advised. Have the peace of mind of knowing you are using a licensed professional. Instead consider finding a solicitor or conveyancer, who will undertake the legal side of things for a fixed fee, so you’ll know what costs to budget for.

Quick sale firms

To sidestep some of the costs of selling your property consider using a company that specialises in quick house purchases. Find a reputable and professional cash homebuyer to ease the process of selling your property. Though you are likely to be made an offer below the market value, you will have the reassurance of knowing you’ll have a swift sale. If you are selling an inherited property, consider specialist firms such as Probate Purchasers who purchase homes directly from executors cuttings out the middleman and taking the weight off your shoulders.

Save on removal fees

Save on removal fees by hiring a van and doing the packing and removal work yourself. Look on to see if anyone is giving away packing materials, so you don’t need to spend money on packaging. If undertaking removal work isn’t an option, then again get several quotes from reputable removal firms. You can check their credentials on the website of the British Association of Removers and the National Guild of Removers, also ask friends, family and neighbours for their recommendations. Make sure you get a written quote and understand what is included in the quote, so that you don’t face any hidden charges. Also, look into getting insurance to protect your belongings in transit and when they are in storage.

Get the most for your existing home

The flip side of trying to save money on moving house is ensuring you get the most you can for the house you are selling.  Ensure you see to all the niggling maintenance repairs you’ve been ignoring so that these don’t act as red flags to buyers and put them off. Then be sure to declutter, clean, and refresh the decoration – a quick lick of paint can do wonders to refresh a home. Stage your property to look its best and help you get the most for your money. As a quick rule of thumb, dress each room simply to show its purpose, a dining room as a dining room and a spare bedroom as a bedroom, rather than a dumping ground for all the objects for which you don’t have storage space. This all helps your prospective purchasers to envisage themselves living in your home.

So there you have some hints and tips on how to save money when selling your home.

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