Gatorade Not Just For Athletes

You can find some pretty funny things on Reddit. I recently came across a thread about how someone thought that there should be a realistic Gatorade commercial starring people hung over and drinking Gatorade.


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I can see how that would be funny, but I had a hard time picturing it. Of course Gatorade is good after a work out or even a night after drinking. That is because it is good for when you are dehydrated, so it makes sense.

Then I saw that they actually found someone who made a video about this. After watching it, it was pretty hilarious. I am sure we all have been that guy who has drank too much and woke up dying of thirst. In fact, anything liquid would taste good after waking up hung over, but Gatorade does tend to hit the spot.

I don’t know if the video would be as funny if they didn’t have the athlete part in the beginning. It is comical to add that not only do athletes drink it, but also every day normal people. Well, people who drink too much.

After thinking more about it, I cannot think of a time I didn’t drink Gatorade in my life. From growing up as a kid playing sports, to a hung over college student, I have always been a Gatorade drinker. Maybe that is why I relate to the video so much, but I think a lot of guys can.

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