Apps to Keep You Entertained on Your Travels

Perfect Selfie - Travelling with the Fuji X100T

Everyone knows the drill with traveling – it’s exciting and fun, but ultimately at some point along the way boredom will set in and we need something to help us while away the time. There are plenty of apps out there that can satisfy us in a pinch, but which are the ones we should really be installing before we get on that long haul flight, or before we get comfy on the train and watch the world go by?


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Nobody wants to look like this when on holiday, or at any time for that matter.


When it comes to gaming apps, there’s plenty to go around, but if you’re someone who favours classic over temple running or car racing, then you have to try Red Flush online casino Canada for it has just about everything a casino lover could ask for. You can try your hand at some poker, which is definitely easier than taking a deck of real cards and then losing one or all of them, or you can spin those reels for a winning combo. For the most part, you’re sure to find something to keep you occupied.

If, however, you don’t fancy the classics, not to worry as there is addictive world of Plants vs Zombies to keep boredom at bay. This is a title that nearly everyone knows by now and for good reason: you protect your home from a gaggle of cheeky zombies, and all with an arsenal of rather unusual plants. Better still, you can intermittently tune in and out of the game, which is ideal for when you’re stopping and starting on a long journey.

Sometimes though, you want something to tease your brain into life, which is when a puzzle based title like SpellTower will become your new best friend. It may not be the most attractive or involved activity, but it offers word challenge upon word challenge which will prove addictively infuriating before too long. If you’re someone who loves word searches or crosswords, this is an app you’ll want when travelling. Nonetheless, although fun for some, it could be argued that it doesn’t have longevity like multifunctional gaming hubs such as Red Flush Casino.

Excitement (July 2011)


Ever heard the term ‘paint me like one of your French girls?’, most people have, and in turn it has inspired an artistic app for the creatives among us. For when games and reading just won’t cut it, you can sketch other people’s photographs and also have them draw yours. Though be warned that not everyone is a gifted artist, and so some creations can leave us wanting.

As we all know, creativity isn’t just limited to images, and as such there are plenty of users out there that desire typography widgets to amuse and delight visual senses; Font Candy is that app. You can craft some memorable (or silly) quotes and then place them over a background of your choosing. Although this is fun for everyone, people that live and breathe social networking for their jobs or hobbies will find this a game changer for their social media feeds.