Why are the VMAs Still Around?

The MTV Video Music Awards was on this weekend and it was a train wreck. I don’t understand why MTV still has an award show for music videos when they do not even play them anymore. I guess the show really isn’t about honoring the best videos anymore, but more about how extreme they can get each year.


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Miley Cyrus hosted this year’s show and was just an absolute mess. Her outfits were hideous and she talked about getting high every moment she got. At the end of the show she put on one of the worst performances ever.

Nicki Minaj opened the show with a raunchy performance; thankfully Taylor Swift joined her on stage and made it watchable. Swift and her crew of gorgeous and classy ladies were refreshing to see. Not all of the celebrities were a mess, but a lot of them were.


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Like Justin Bieber who ended up crying on stage after singing his new song called What Do You Mean. Who knows why he cried maybe it was for ratings. But nothing can really complete to Kanye West’s rant when he accepted the MTV Video Vanguard Award. I don’t really know what Kanye was trying to get at. He made some good points, but the delivery of the speech or whatever you want to call it was terrible. He just sort of rambled on and on about who knows what. He also said he wants to run for President in 2020. Lets hope he isn’t serious about that.

There were a couple good things that happened at this year’s VMAs. The Weeknd put on an awesome performance. I would have to say he put on the best show of the night. Swift won a lot of awards and was always a class act when she was on stage. It was night to see some good in what was a terrible night in VMAs history.


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