Some Shows and Movies Expiring in July on Netflix

Super Troopers

Courtesy of LA Films.

Who doesn’t like to curl up on the couch and watch endless hours of Netflix? There is a downside though. Each month, contracts expire with Netflix, which means a lot of shows and movies go away each month. That is if the contract is not renewed.

It looks like a lot of contracts are set to end in July. Netflix is in the works of renegotiating deals, but that doesn’t mean they will be renewed. On July 1st, there are many great shows and movies that might disappear from the streaming service. The list includes:

– Bowling for Columbine

– Cast Away

– Fear and Loathing in Las Vegas

– Fried Green Tomatoes

– She’s All That

– Space Cowboys

– Super Troopers

– The complete season of Harper’s Island

– Seasons 1-7 of Melrose Place

– Seasons 1-8 of Wings

Most contracts expire the first of the month, but not all. These shows and movies are set to expire sometime during the month of July:

– The Last Stand

-Seasons 1-5 of Miami Vice

-Seasons 1-6 of Leave it to Beaver

NetflixIt is nice that Netflix tells you what shows and movies are set to expire in the following months. Again, the contracts could be renewed before they pull the plug. Each month you can log online to find out what shows and movies are about to disappear. If you notice them on your Netflix after the expiration date, then no need to worry, the contract was renewed for at least a little more time.

So make sure to catch these shows and movies before it is too late. You never know, the contract may be renewed before the first of the month, but I wouldn’t take your chances!

For the complete list of movies and television shows that are set to disappear from Netflix in July, check out this article.