Rejoice English Football Fans – Take a Peek at Some of Premier League 2015-16 Kits

This year’s EPL was breathtaking. I know Chelsea’s fans wouldn’t disagree because the season ended with Chelsea’s victory. This season featured lots of ups and downs and certainly, lots of memorable moments for all sides.

Football just keeps getting better and better every season and we can’t wait for next season to kick off.

But there is still some time left before the first whistle of 2016-2016 season blows. To give the English fans something until then, here is a sneak peek at some of the kits your clubs will be sporting the next season.

Stoke City Home & Away Kits – Official:

Stoke City

Stroke City’s kits are official. The club will be sporting traditional red and white stripes the next season in their home games. The away kit is a contrast from its predecessor. The away kit is mostly black with a green diagonal stripe running from right shoulder to left pelvis. The third kit will be revealed the next months.

Liverpool Kits – Official:


Liverpool has revealed its kits for the coming season as well. The new home kit will be same as the one worn in 14-15 season, with a little difference. The jersey will have chequered impressions blended with the original colours. Away kits will be inverted version of home kits minus the cheques. The third kit will be black for most part, with white logo, sponsor and a stripe that runs shoulder to shoulder.

Manchester United Kits – Leaked


The official revelation will take place this August, but from leaked images, these kits look stunning nonetheless. The home kit is gold old red with white collar and shoulder stripes. The kit also features diagonal lines that run from left to right.

The away kit for the next season is white with red collar and shoulder stripes while the third kit is somewhat similar in design, though it features black instead of white. The gold Chevrolet logo is there in the centre of every kit.

Chelsea Kits – Leaked


Chelsea’s home kit features same blue colour, but takes away the stripes and old sponsors in favour of new Yokohama emblem. Away kits are drastically different – they are white this time with red and blue stripes at the sleeves. The third kit is conventionally black with blurred horizontal stripes.

Arsenal Kits – Leaked


Gunners’ home kit features a tad bit less red as the arms and collars are white. The only thing red in that area is a thin line that runs from arm up to the collar.

The away kit is pretty unique from its design to its colour. The kit will be navy blue with white, turquoise and khaki bars near the abdomen. There is no information on the third kit for now.

Manchester City Kits – Leaked

Manchester City

Home kit for City replaces the dark blue with traditional white and features a white streak from below the armpits. The away kit is more unique with primary navy blue colour and clouds of trademark sky blue colour.

Mancher City’s third kit is lime green with a touch of black near sleeves.

Newcastle United Kits – Official

New Castle

Two of three Newcastle United kits have been officially revealed. The primary kit will be black and white stripes with’s logo in center. The vertical black lines will feature horizontal pattern of smaller blue lines. Its collar and sleeves will also be blue.

In contrast to home kit, the away kit looks more like a mix of white and beige diamond patterns. Blue areas in this kit are shoulders, collar, sleeves and the logo.

Tottenham Hotspurs – Official and Leaked


Only the home kit is confirmed so far for North London club – white jersey with black collar, black sleeves and half a dozen diagonal black stripes from right shoulder.

The leaked images of away kit shows it will be part white and part brown.

Southampton Kits – Leaked


There’s still some time in official reveal of Southampton’s kits. But based on the leaked images, they both look impressive. The home kit features red sleeves with white collar and shoulder stripes. The chest is just alternating white and red stripes.

The away kit almost looks like the flipped version of Stoke City’s away outfit. It is mainly green with a diagonal black stripe and then a little more black on collar, shoulders and sleeves.

Everton Kit – Official


Emberton FC’s new kit is classic blue with some white in logo and collar. So far there has been no news of away kit.

There is time in the next season. But if you would like to sport these colours before your heroes do, contact MattSports to get your kits customised.

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