Best Excuses to Skip Work and Watch the World Cup


With the World Cup well underway chances are you would rather spend your time watching your favorite matches than heading to the office.  Alas, most companies will not accept “Chile vs Australia” as an excuse to miss work. Well have no fear we have a great list of excuses you can use to get out of work to watch the game. Your employer won’t event know the difference!

Get a Doctors Note


Online marketplaces in China are providing fake doctor’s notes to help fans get out of work for the big game. The documents even have extensive falsified medical records to get you nearly a week of sick days so you can sit back and enjoy your favorite games.

For only $33 dollars, you receive the doctors notice with a diagnosis for your very own disease. Some of the conditions include gastroenteritis, blood infections and post surgery recovery.

Pink Eye

If you are terrible at faking a “sick voice”, Pink Eye is the best excuse in your arsenal. Pink eye or conjunctivitis is incredibly contagious and has no place in the workplace. You’re employer won’t think twice about telling you to stay home.

If you really want to sell the pink-eye, head into work but before walking inside put a little bit of soap in one of your eyes.   It’s going to burn but your eye will be bright red and covered in mucus.  If your boss doesn’t believe that, then it might be a time for a new job.

Jury Duty

Tina fey

This is an age old excuse for getting out of work. Depending on whether your company checks up on this sort of thing, this is a great excuse. You might be able to milk a whole week of “jury duty” out of this. However, it might be a little awkward when in two week you actually get jury duty and you’ll have to use one of the aforementioned excuses.