5 Awesome Valentine’s Day Gifts

Valentine’s Day is just around the corner and you’re running out of time to find the perfect gift. The options can be overwhelming but with a little creativity you can knock this year out of the park.

Safe Bet Jewelry

natural sapphire
Looking for the safe bet? It might not be the most original idea, but the best jewelry always makes for the perfect gift. Some of our female staffers suggest natural sapphire jewelry is a popular option in 2014.

Cooking the Perfect Meal

home cooked meal
A little bit more on the economy side, cooking the perfect meal shows you put a lot of thought into Valentine’s Day. Prepare something they love or something fancy they’d be willing to try like an exotic cut of fish. Grab yourself some decent mood lighting and you’re all set.

Recurring Subscriptions

One of the latest trends among gift giving is the gift that actually keeps on giving. Recurring subscriptions like the popular Birchbox allow the lady in your life to receive a box full of premium cosmetics every single month.

Mod Cloth Gift Card

mod cloth
If you’re in a pinch last minute, purchasing a Mod Cloth online gift certificate is an excellent option. One of the most popular online outlets, these modern designs will win any stylish woman over.

Hand Written Notes

handwritten note
One of the most genuine and arguably the sappiest item on our list is the hand written note. No gift can relay the sentiment better than your own words!