Here’s What You Don’t Want for Christmas

Here’s a little infographic on what you don’t want for Christmas in 2013. Through age and experience, the holiday certainly has a tendency to lower our inhibitions and certainly nobody wants their sexual history to become the ghost of Christmas past.

what you don't want for christmas

We were shocked to learn conception rates actually peak in December, accounting for nearly 1/10th of annual pregnancies throughout the month. Perhaps this sheds some light on why we have so many friends with fall birthdays. Mom & dad might have some explaining to do.

What makes the holiday particularly dangerous is the average blood alcohol levels, spiking numbers for delinquent behavior across the board. Unprotected sex becomes 5% more desirable in our inebriated state, potentially bumping out that fourth consecutive glass of eggnog for title of ‘worst holiday decision’.

Let’s face it — sobriety tends to go out the window by Christmas morning. According to the US National Library of Medicine, this is hugely problematic as the prevalence of unprotected sex increased by nearly 95% after the consumption of alcohol.

The bottom line is if you’re potentially going to find yourself under the sheets this holiday season, your wrapping job is far from over. Make sure you understand the risk factors this holiday season and keep your condom game in check.