Business Jargon is a Great Way to Irritate People

Apparently business jargon is a real thing. Thinking back on movies like Office Space, “We need to talk about your TPS reports,” it surprised me when I worked my first office job that people actually talk like this.

I find business jargon to be supremely cringe-worthy. As it so happens, I’m not the only person either – at least a quarter of white collar workers absolutely loathe business jargon.

Perhaps I’m a masochist, but I wanted to expand my vocabulary of terrible business lingo commonly used throughout the workplace, maybe for no other reason than to drop it around my superiors.

Well, I got to poking around in search of the worst of the worst office terminology and stumbled upon this. If you share my passion for self-destruction, it’s worth a read.

One particular highlight: ‘Blue sky thinking’ (which almost sounds like a brand of ice cream) is considered one of the most irritating phrases in office environments. I’ll need to try that one out.

Infographic source