Bronies and other Bizarre American Subcultures

The advent of the internet has allowed even the most strange and niche subcultures to grow and enter the public conscious.  Remember when goths and anime enthusiasts were the “weird” people on campus? Well, there is a new generation of eccentric communities to frighten old people,  here are just a few.


“Bronies” refers to older, usually male, fans of the animated television series My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic.  The show, which is targeted towards young girls and their parents, has struck a chord with 20-something males who appreciate the innocence and animation style displayed in Friendship is Magic. Women are also allowed and are known as Pegasisters. Bronies host annual conventions such as BronYcon where Bronies and Pegasisters can dress up as their favorite pony, trade memorabilia, and meet with panels of the show’s creators and voice actors. Additionally, there doesn’t seem to be a sexual aspect to the Brony phenomenon just a bunch of older people who really like My Little Pony.

Cuddle Parties

A “cuddle puddle”

This subculture is the one I would probably feel most uncomfortable in. A cuddle party is an event where people of all ages can come in their pajamas (but not literally), and enjoy a night of nonsexual affection with a group of complete strangers. Cuddle Party International began organizing official cuddle parties in 2004 as way to bring people together through the sensation of touch. The concept has blown up in recent years with events popping up all around the world. The biggest emphasis of these events is that there is no sexual undertones, at most parties even kissing is forbidden. Here are some rules from the official cuddle party website

1. Pajamas stay on the whole time.

9. Tears and laughter are both welcome.

11.Keep the Cuddle space tidy

For me a cuddle party seems more awkward than an actual orgy.


Kenny (Elf Overlord) Powers

Otherkin is a community that grew from online forums into the “real world” and is comprised of people who believe that they have some form of supernatural ability. They contend that they are not entirely human and can exhibit the features of anything from an archangel to a lycan (werewolf). Some members of Otherkin diagnosed themselves with supernatural ability because of their 20/20 vision and a lack of allergies. Yes because being able to read the white board in elementary school makes you a Dragon.


This fringe culture,  featured on CSI: Miami and Entourage,  is comprised of adults who enjoy dressing up in large animal mascot costumes and mingling with other members of the animal kingdom. While most furry encounters are relatively innocent a small portion of the community will engage in “yiffing”. What is “yiffing” you ask? Basically it’s when two furries dry hump for an hour until they are tired or dehydrated because they’re in a fucking mascot uniform. Straddling the line between Brony and Beastiality, furries have gotten a bad rap in public media, but is dressing up as Mufasa and humping a rabbit really that much weirder than other socially acceptable fetishes?

Adult Babies

It’s exactly what it sounds like. Fully grown adults who get their kicks by sleeping in a crib, wearing footy pajamas, being bottle fed and yes; having their diapers changed. Adult babies suffer (?) from a psychological condition known as Paraphilic infantilism in which they regress back to an infantile state and role play usually talking in a baby voice and throwing temper tantrums. What I find more interesting is the people who engage in relationships with these adult babies. It might be a little out there to want to be a big man baby, but I find it almost more unsettling if you want to be a man baby momma! Bottle feeding and changing a significant other? Count me out.