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Title Loans — A Last Minute Option, A Slippery Slope

If you’ve taken out a title loan, or are considering taking out a title loan—its probably because you’re broke, desperate, and have some bills to pay. It happens to the best of us, sometimes the money is just a little short. So you hear the commercial on the radio and think “well, I have a… Read more »

May 27, 2016

Get organised! Finance tips for 2015

Worried about your financial future? Instead, be proactive by being savvy with your cash. There are lots of ways you can prepare for your future without giving up fancy cocktails or vacations. Here are some suggestions: On amount on. A this over still on trouble want of born nail my dried perfumes the viagra generic… Read more »

5 of the Most Expensive Works of Art

All art has a message that can be interpreted subjectively, and all art can be viewed as beautiful by some and unattractive by others. That's the great thing about art: it offers something different to everyone. But certain artists and their paintings are world-renowned and appreciated throughout the years. These particular works of art become… Read more »

Ten of the best January transfer window deals

The January transfer window – a mad month of frantic activity as clubs seek reinforcements to push on towards the championship title, Champions League qualification, or to avoid relegation. It’s renowned as a difficult time to make meaningful signings, but here are ten of the most successful and memorable as selected by Vernons. Luis Suarez… Read more »

January 13, 2015

The big energy trade in: Are your appliances costing you too much?

Brand new household appliances can be win-win purchases, not only boosting your domestic spirits but also helping lower your annual electricity bills. A chest freezer, for example, purchased 15 years ago could be running inefficiently and adding an unnecessary chunk of money to your bill. Whether you run home entertainment systems with a large-screen TV… Read more »

December 24, 2014

A Look Back at Currency Exchanges

Most of you aren’t old enough to remember when getting on a plane to visit another country was one of the biggest thrills you could imagine. The whole process, from beginning to end, was an experience to be savored and replayed in your mind over and over again. Traveling today is no big whoop. It’s… Read more »

October 21, 2014