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Why email verification matters

Do you have a blog or an online business? Do you have a list of subscribers you send newsletters to? Do you make sure your list is ‘clean’? Email verification may seem simple but, under the surface, it is a very important system. At the most basic level, online businesses might think more is indeed… Read more »

Worst Television Spinoffs

When a television sitcom reaches a certain level of success, Hollywood producers often see dollar signs in milking every bit of commercial appeal by crafting a spin off series. The ones that succeed do so by crafting their own vision and style, distancing themselves from the original series. The ones that fail are either uninspired… Read more »

Best Forwards from Grandma #THANKSOBAMA!

I have been using reddit for a couple of years now, and it never surprises me how many unique communities have sprouted up. One of my favorite subreddits is r/forwardsfromgrandma which compiles corny emails forwarded from our technologically inept senior citizens. The majority of the emails concern our President Barack Obama systematically destroying every one… Read more »