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A North Florida Travelers Guide

North Florida offers a diverse opportunity for discovery. This part of the state is known as “Old Florida” as it was the modern heyday vacation spot of the mid 20th century. Steeped in history while spanning two coastlines, there is much to explore while visiting so plan to stay awhile. Places that should be on… Read more »

January 9, 2019

Winter Vacation in San Diego

Many parts of the country are freezing during the winter months, so what better way to warm up than in sunny California? California is home to the gorgeous beach city of San Diego, making it the prime spot for that winter vacation. Whale Watching Whale watching San Diego is a popular activity. It is a… Read more »

January 8, 2019

6 Best Things to Do in Dubai

Many people hear Dubai and immediately think of oil-rich Arabic men and women living in mansions with luxury vehicles and exotic pets, but there is a great story behind the metropolitan city it is known to be today. Here are six of the best things you can do on your visit to the city of… Read more »

January 6, 2019

Why You Should Just Get a Pocket Wifi in Japan

Most of us already know that Japan is one of the most connected and one of the most technologically-advanced countries on earth. However, many tourists and those on long-term business trips in Japan often find that getting an internet connection isn’t always that easy. That is, unless they do the smart thing and get a… Read more »

Top Parts of Tenerife to Enjoy a Cool Night Out

While Tenerife is a fun place to hang out on the beach or in a restaurant during the late morning and afternoon, it’s when the sun goes down that it becomes more enjoyable for tourists. Whether tending to their sunburn while nursing a first beer of the evening or dancing the night away in a… Read more »

December 13, 2018

The 8 Best Places To Have Christmas Abroad

Who doesn’t love a good old fashioned Christmas celebration (apart from the Grinch of course)! One of the world’s great traditions, Christmas is celebrated in nearly every country in some way or another and continues to delight both adults and children alike. If you’re anything like me, the fun December atmosphere brings to life my… Read more »