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5 Things You Must Know Before Traveling to San Francisco

Visiting San Francisco is an amazing experience. This city has a lot to offer travelers who want something different from a US city holiday. However, many people visit San Francisco without preparing properly. It’s only after their visit is over, that they realize how many interesting places they did not visit and that they should… Read more »

December 15, 2015

Check Out These Spooky Abandoned Halls

We’ve all heard of haunted houses and hotels, especially those that feature in spine-tingling films but you may also be surprised to hear that even bingo halls aren’t apparently safe from paranormal infiltration.  It’s the season of all things spooky so we’ve been inspired to look at 3 abandoned venues where apparently evil spirits dwell… Read more »

December 1, 2015

Food Lover’s Tour of Sicily

The Italian island of Sicily is world-famous among food-lovers for its traditional and ageless cuisine, which has blended the various cultural influences of many ancient civilizations into its recipes over the course of the centuries. If you are planning a gastronomical tour to Sicily, arranging for the appropriate accommodations will also ensure that you get… Read more »

Holiday Season Traveling Tips

Of course we all know that the holiday season is a very stressful time to travel. But there are ways to travel during this busy season and still keep your holiday cheer. The hassle of traveling during the holidays can turn anyone into a Scrooge easily, but these tips will help prevent that. Usually it… Read more »

The Top 3 Holiday Themed Train Rides

During the holidays there are many trains across the country that transform into the magical Polar Express or at least something very similar. Families from all over can experience the North Pole and spread the Christmas cheer around. The Polar Express was released in November of 2004 and ever since, it has been part of… Read more »

Air France Fails with Star Wars Fans

I recently read a story about Air France offering passengers a chance to see the new Star Wars: The Force Awakens a couple days before its official release date. I thought it was pretty cool, but something just didn’t seem right. Then I just found out that Air France didn’t even let anyone know at… Read more »