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How Smartphones Can Shake Up the 2016 Elections

Historically, young people have been less interested in politics than their older counterparts. However, smartphones could shake up the elections in 2016 as social media companies find ways for young people to get involved with the presidential candidates. Take a look at how these politicians use smartphone apps during their campaigns and how that trend… Read more »

How Can You Keep Up with Changes in SEO?

Search engine optimization is always growing and developing, which can be difficult for those who are running and maintaining their own websites. This article offers suggestions on how to keep up with this ever-changing world of technology and digital development. How much do you think you know about SEO? No matter how experienced you are… Read more »

June 2, 2015

The big energy trade in: Are your appliances costing you too much?

Brand new household appliances can be win-win purchases, not only boosting your domestic spirits but also helping lower your annual electricity bills. A chest freezer, for example, purchased 15 years ago could be running inefficiently and adding an unnecessary chunk of money to your bill. Whether you run home entertainment systems with a large-screen TV… Read more »

December 24, 2014

The Cutting-Edge Technologies Enjoyed by Cruise Ship Passengers

The outdated perception that cruise ship activities comprise almost exclusively of shuffleboard and bingo is becoming an ever-smaller dot on the horizon. Understanding the importance of broadening their target demographic, cruise lines are implementing an increasing number of technologically-advanced amenities and features. Quantum Class Cruising “You can’t think quantum without thinking leap and that’s what… Read more »

Five Amazing Ways 3D Printing Could Change Your Life

Despite the modern 3D printing industry being more than 30 years old, the full capacity of the technology’s capabilities is still being explored. As the technology improves, utilisation of 3D printing is becoming viable in more industries and the units are increasingly influential. Here we look at five ways 3D printing could change your life…. Read more »

November 20, 2014

DrinkAdvisor Review: The Drinking Companion App

There is no shortage of applications for your smartphone designed to enhance a night on the town. The latest entry into this saturated corner of the app world is DrinkAdvisor – hailed as the #1 free app providing the best Bars & Night Clubs in 200 of the biggest cities in the world. Pretty intriguing… Read more »