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Dos & Don’ts of Your First Couples Therapy Session

By choosing to undergo couples therapy, you and your partner are committing to improving your relationship and overall well-being. However, this choice can also be intimidating. As you approach your first couples therapy session, you might be feeling anxious and unsure of what to expect. You might also be nervous about what to say and… Read more »

Helping Your Spouse Through Trying Times

You have no idea what to do. Your usually happy, optimistic, outgoing, and positive spouse has suddenly started behaving in ways you don’t recognize. They’ve become aggressive, isolated, angry, sad, and no matter what you try, it doesn’t seem to work. It’s hard for you to watch someone you love go through such a trying… Read more »

How to Fix Your Relationship

Dating is hard. It requires a lot of effort, compromise, and patience from both sides.  Partners usually work hard enough on their problems to try and resolve them. This is very important if you want to maintain a healthy relationship. People differ from one another. Different types of characters don’t always get along. The same… Read more »

Top Reasons to Attend Premarital Therapy

Therapy isn’t just for when things are going wrong. Attending therapy can be helpful for many reasons and it can be beneficial to attend therapy with your partner before saying I do. In fact, premarital counseling has been known to prevent divorces and lead to a happy and lasting marriage. Strong Communication Skills A successful… Read more »

When to Start Couples Therapy

People go to therapy for many reasons and since relationships can be difficult, therapy is a helpful way to get you through the tough times. But, when do you know it is the right time to start couples therapy? First, it is OK to have to go to therapy. Admitting that your relationship has its… Read more »