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The Top 5 Most Trainable Dog Breeds

Man’s best friend is incredible in more ways than one. And most owners think that their dog is perfect just the way they are. But some dogs need training to be on their best behavior.  There are over 300 different dog breeds out there – all with different personalities and the need for different training… Read more »

June 26, 2020

CBD Oil For Anxious Pets: Does It Work?

Since Cannabidiol was first introduced to the market, a lot of studies have been conducted. CBD based products were found to have a lot of benefits for people, which made them rather popular. As the oil and other products are here to stay, we might as well learn as much about them as we can…. Read more »

June 18, 2020

Why Do Cats Need Scratching Posts?

If you’re a cat owner, you probably knew about this already. These silly pets can be playful sometimes, but they just can’t keep their claws to themselves. When you’re new to having a cat, you may have convinced yourself that they won’t trash anything in the house. They can also be lazy animals, but that’s… Read more »

June 9, 2020

The Role of CBD Oil for Pets with Aggression

Is your pet often staring at you? Is it stalking you around the house? These supposed signs of affection are actually symptoms of aggression, which is amazingly widespread among animals.  Pets most commonly display hostility when faced with a fear or threat, but it’s usually difficult for their owners to recognize the signs, let alone… Read more »

April 14, 2020

How to Make Your Dog Insta-Famous

Everyone is guilty of watching cute animal videos or cooing over adorable puppy pictures on Instagram. These days it’s common for dogs to have popular accounts that rival their owners. If your dog is destined for stardom, here is how to make your dog Insta-famous. Be Unique Dogs are fun, full of personality, and adorable… Read more »

February 10, 2020

Top Tips for Introducing Children to New Dogs

Dogs are often valuable members of the family and with the saying ‘Man’s Best Friend’ running true, it’s no surprise that they help enhance family life and bring joy each and every day. There can, however, be a couple of teething pains when it comes to introducing a new dog to younger children in the… Read more »

January 20, 2020