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30 songs to play past 3 a.m.

So the clock just struck 3 a.m. on a Saturday night. Chances are if you are still awake you are probably a little more than tipsy. The time for pretense and everybody fighting over the ipod dock to play the hottest unheard of tracks is over. Now is the time for nostalgia and for everyone… Read more »

How to Embarrass Yourself at a Wedding

What transpires throughout this picturesque legal contract of love will surely live on as the best day in the lives of two people, but another glass of champagne has you thinking, Why not three? In order to thoroughly embarrass yourself, garnering the brand of shame close friends and relatives will reference for years to come,… Read more »

How to Sell Weed in Highschool

So you’re 16-years-old and you just got your driver’s license. You have a solid group of friends that truly love and respect you. You could simply enjoy your final two years of public education going to football games and asking Shelly to junior prom OR you could become the toughest badass that has ever walked… Read more »

Why Beer Pong Ruins Every Party

Congratulations! You’ve been accepted to college, the first step on your way to becoming a self-reliant adult/alcoholic. Chances are soon, if you already haven’t, you’ll ┬áreceive your introduction to ‘beer pong’, the wildly popular table top drinking game that made the red SOLO cup famous. It’s a tumultuous love affair between you and beer pong,… Read more »