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Wasps or Bees: What Am I Dealing With?

Most of us are able to tell the difference between a honey bee and a wasp. Honey bees tend to have thicker bodies with less distinct coloration and a fuzz covering their bodies. On the other hand, wasps are sleeker with more elongated bodies, intense black and yellow coloration and no hairs on their bodies…. Read more »

What Is Breach of Trust Theft in Winnipeg?

There are two categories that fall under the umbrella of theft in Winnipeg. One is more serious than the other because it involves someone being more malicious and taking advantage of someone who trusts them. Both theft or fraud and breach of trust theft might be considered “theft,” but they differ in charges and consequences… Read more »

How to Win Your Wrongful Death Suit

If someone’s death was caused due to the negligence of someone else, then that person might be liable for paying for the loss that the survivors experience in the deceased person’s wake. The surviving family is allowed to pursue a civil case for wrongful death, which is a tort case. Although each state has specific… Read more »

FBI Charges Funeral Home With Side Business

When you choose a funeral home, you place a lot of faith and trust in the people who work there to respect your loved one’s remains and to care for them with compassion and the utmost dignity. What the FBI uncovered happening in Colorado is the unspeakable. Former funeral home employees questioned by the FBI… Read more »