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The Reality of Dating Someone with an Addiction

We all know how complicated dating can be. Initially, you have to decipher texts and figure out how into you they actually are. When things become more serious, you move on to making compromises, practicing good communication, and prioritizing your relationship. These problems might not seem as prevalent if you are dating someone with an… Read more »

6 Exuberant Ideas To Keep Your Passion At Play

You may spend a large portion of your life trying to determine what really interests you, and how to turn it into a lifetime commitment. You say that you have a passion for a certain thing, but you do nothing to make this passion materialize, or become a reality. Big ideas may pop up, but… Read more »

The Fastest Ways to Get Money in an Emergency

Emergencies are the worst. They’re always unexpected and they create a substantial amount of unwanted stress. What’s more, emergencies can put you into a serious financial bind. Your car might die on you. You or a family member might get sick and need medical care. Know that you’re not alone. Plenty of people have been… Read more »