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Be Your Boss: 9 Ways You Can Think, Act like an Entrepreneur

Rebel billionaires, visionaries, philanthropists—these people know what they want and are out to get it. They have the freedom, vision, and influence to change the world. Do you want to join the elite circle of successful entrepreneurs and find yourself on the lists of the richest and most powerful? While their initial struggles may be… Read more »

Imagining a Cheltenham Festival without crowds

It feels like so long since we revelled in the unparalleled excitement of the Cheltenham Festival back in March. When the crowds left after the final day’s racing on Friday March 13th, few would’ve imagined that we would then go six months, and counting, with crowds not being allowed to attend race meetings.  But that… Read more »

6 Common Causes of Boat Fires: Who Can Be Held Liable?

Boat fires can be devastating, and as a boat owner, it’s important you take time to understand how boat fires can occur so you can take every precaution necessary to ensure it doesn’t happen to you. However, that being said, that doesn’t mean that boat fires aren’t completely avoidable. If you do ever find yourself… Read more »

5 Things That Could Make or Break Your Restaurant

It’s an unfortunate reality that many restaurants don’t go the distance. It’s a competitive industry and nowadays, it seems even more difficult to succeed. From monitoring metrics to keeping team members in alignment, hitting company objectives can often seem overwhelming. Luckily, there are some best practices and insights that can either make or break your… Read more »