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How Coffee Affects Your Digestion

If you’re a coffee lover, then this article may shock and disturb you. But know that we have disclosed in this article are insights that are crucial for the prosperity and safety of your health, especially your gut. Anyone who is a java fanatic knows all too well what a cup of freshly brewed coffee… Read more »

Understanding Medicare

When you reach a certain age, it becomes important to start thinking about Medicare. But our institutions don’t always do the best job of educating us about this important policy and our roles as Medicare recipients and patients. What is Medicare, exactly? What do we have to do in order to make sure that we… Read more »

The Power of CBD

Marijuana is one of our planet’s most powerful natural medicines. It owes that medicinal power to the chemicals inside of it, which are known as cannabinoids. The cannabinoid with the most known medicinal power is cannabidiol, or CBD. CBD has a lot of different medicinal uses, and many are still being discovered. Doctors can prescribe… Read more »