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Gifts for Crocheters: Choosing the Right Crochet Hook

If there is a person in your life that loves to knit and crochet and you are seeking out the perfect gift on their behalf, you’ve come to the right place! Crocheting enthusiasts and fiber collectors would also appreciate the guidance from this list of gift for crocheters! Gift Ideas For Crocheters When thinking up… Read more »

The Subtle Art of Gift Giving

Gift giving is one of those things that seem small but are important. Giving gifts to loved ones is not compulsory — well, not usually — and if you choose to get one, you’re expected to put some thought into it. After all, gifts are a symbol of the importance of our relationships with people…. Read more »

5 gifts that have withstood the test of time

What’s the best gift you’ve ever received? We all remember those few truly special and meaningful gifts that make a lasting impact on us, and that enhance our relationships with the people who gave us the gifts. You can tell when someone really knows you deeply when they choose a gift that touches your heart…. Read more »

Creative Gift Ideas for the Holidays (and Beyond)

The season of gift giving is upon us, and we’re all scrambling for new and unique presents to put under the tree for our loved ones. However, it’s an especially big struggle to find the perfect gifts to give out to office colleagues and bosses. The idea is to have something not too personal, but… Read more »

MBTI Personalities as Groomsmen Gifts

Each of the MBTI types is weird and wonderful in their own way. Here’s what each type would be if they were personified as a gift. This list is also doubles as a source of creative groomsmen gift ideas. ENTJ Loved (or feared) for their take-no-prisoners approach to life, ENTJs can be counted on like… Read more »