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Doubling Down with BGO’s #Bloggerblackjack

Meet Jeremy: freshly 21, soon-to-be graduate from a 4-year university, and never been dealt a hand of cards at the Blackjack table. Gambling inexperience wouldn’t be an issue for most people, but our offices have a scheduled trip to Vegas in June and it’s imperative our boy Jeremy learns the tricks of the trade. To… Read more »

February 28, 2014

6 Pieces Of Pro Gaming Hardware Making Headlines

If you consider yourself a real gamer, it only makes sense that you have the best gaming equipment available. The industry has changed drastically over the last decade, with more options available for players to better enjoy the games they are playing. But among all the options, there are certainly some that stick out more… Read more »

January 27, 2014

The Stupidest/Coolest Things About Grand Theft Auto V

¬†Grand Theft Auto 5 is the greatest thing, ever Like virtually every man child under the sun, I have been playing a grotesque amount of Grand Theft Auto V. Considering the Grand Theft Auto franchise has been alive and well since 1997, there’s a certain nostalgia that comes with throwing an elderly woman to the… Read more »

October 11, 2013