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Taco Bell Serves Up Alcohol

Taco Bell is always pushing limits. With their unique menu full of interesting spins on Mexican food, what more could Taco Bell come up with? Well how about serving alcohol? Yes it is, true. A new Taco Bell location in Wicker Park in Chicago is doing a trial run of serving customers wine, beer and… Read more »

The Craziest Foods at State Fairs

You can always fan the craziest foods at your nearest fair. Every year, new items come out that are crazier than the year before. Each fair offers a variety of fried and chocolate covered goodness. Check out these insane foods served up at fairs across the country. Deep-Fried Sweet Tea It is true; you can… Read more »

Japan’s Mario Themed Cafe

It is hard to believe that Nintendo released Super Mario Bros 30 years ago. It is one of the most popular games and could probably easily be argued the best game of all time. A lot of gamers have become ultimate fans of Mario and his friends. So three cities in Japan opened a café… Read more »

Best Spots For Fried Chicken Lovers

There is nothing like some really good fried chicken. You can get fried chicken at a lot of places, but there are some spots around the country that have the best fried chicken ever. Glass Onion – Charleston, S.C. The restaurant in Charleston is named after a Beatles’ song and is also home to some… Read more »

June 25, 2015

New Hot Dog Pizza to Hit Pizza Hut Soon

Pizza Hut has released their newest pizza and it doesn’t sound very appetizing. The Hot Dog Pizza Bites will hit over 6,300 Pizza Huts on June 18th. Don’t get me wrong, I love Pizza Hut’s Stuffed Crust Pizza, but this is taking it a little too far. It is a regular pizza with a crust… Read more »

Interesting Benefits of Mangoes

Mangoes are absolutely delicious! And even better, they are good for you. The super fruit offers a lot of benefits, but some are more interesting than others. I have been trying to focus on eating healthy. Not only do I want to eat yummy foods, I also want to reap the benefits! Mangoes are a… Read more »