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Festive Tips for the Modern Gentleman

Christmas time is just around the corner and many of us males will be looking ahead with a fair degree of trepidation to the holiday season as this can often provide us with one of our biggest life tests – how to appear the perfect gentleman in front of our relatives.

Whilst acting like a sulking teenager might have been OK for a few years, there comes a time in every male’s life where we have to emerge blinking from the man cave and rejoin civilization as the perfectly-cultivated modern gentleman.

How to Get the James Bond Look

Whichever James Bond is your favourite – they all have one thing in common; they’re cool. True, some versions of the British master spy are cooler than others, but they’re all pretty urbane, stylish and debonair – and of course, James always gets the girl. #SPECTRE Costume Designer Jany Temime on Bond’s tuxedo. “I took… Read more »

Christmas Gifts for Sports Fans

If you are one of those shoppers that likes to wait until the last minute, just know that you only have one month left to get all of your Christmas presents! Sometimes in can be very hard to figure out what to get someone. But if you know a sports fan, you have it pretty… Read more »

100 Years of Prada: The Biggest Name in Fashion

When you hear the name Prada, what is it that comes to mind? If it’s cutting-edge Italian fashion, must-have accessories and luxury items of clothing, you’re definitely on the right track. Why is Prada so in demand when it comes to the world of high fashion? In order to fully appreciate the brand for all… Read more »