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10 Iconic Male Fashion Designers You Should Know About

The world of fashion is built upon a rich tapestry of history. Over the past century alone the world has witnessed many pioneering and immensely talented designers who have influenced the way we dress today. There are a great number of iconic male fashion designers who have not only impacted men’s clothing but women’s clothing,… Read more »

The History of Wax Jackets

Wax Jackets have been around for a long time and is of course typically synonymous with British country life.  Although the origins went all the way back to Scotland in the 1700’s and 1800’s where many were sold to fishermen and the Royal Navy at the time, mainly due to its ability to repel water… Read more »

How Can We Expect Our Suits to Change in the Future?

It’s widely thought that the suits we recognise today began in the early 1800s by Beau Brummell. He replaced long-tailed coats and silk stockings with the classic suit jacket accompanied by full-length trousers and it all went from there. But as we’re faced with new challenges (such as the lengthy daily commute) and as we… Read more »

January 7, 2019

The Best Fashion Deals on Nordstrom

The line that is used ALL IN ONE is just so perfect for Nordstrom. It has a chain of stores with a many different category product. It has all the relevant products for male, female and even kids. It could be clothes, jewelry, cosmetics, hand bags, shoes, accessories and many more. Also, it gives a… Read more »

5 Iconic Pieces of Casual California Apparel

The Golden State has a well-earned place as a cultural leader the world over. It’s not just because of Hollywood either. While the word “fashion” may be more likely to conjure up images of Paris, Milan, or even Tokyo, chances are most of the items in your wardrobe today are directly influenced or popularized by… Read more »

December 7, 2018

6 Shirts Your Wardrobe Needs Right Now

Be ready for anything by adopting these key shirt styles into your wardrobe. Whether you’ve an important event to attend, it’s date night or you’re just hanging out with friends, having the right shirt for every occasion will see you ready to go at a moment’s notice. These 6 must-have designs are on-trend and easy… Read more »