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The Scent of Seduction — Why Smelling Good Works

Some men might be surprised to learn how powerful the sense of smell can be in relation to their romantic performance. No, looking like George Clooney or having chiseled abs doesn’t always land you the girl – studies show it might actually come down to the way you smell. Hundreds of college students were polled… Read more »

July 24, 2014

This Valentine’s Day, Go F Yourself

Tired of your Facebook feed being filled with pictures and status updates of couples getting engaged? Sick of seeing your couple friends acting gushy and romantic right in front of you? So is New York comedy writer/director Haley Kosan, who put together this awesome video saying exactly what most of us are thinking. Take a… Read more »

How to Ask a Girl to Homecoming

Hey guys! Since so many of you enjoyed my last post about all my awesome dating tips, I thought I would come back and spill some of my secrets I’ve got on how to ask a girl to homecoming with you. Some of these tricks I learned from my big bro and step-dad, Mark, but… Read more »