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5 Best Cars for Spring Break Road Trips

Maybe the most important component of any spring break road trip is the car you take. Let’s face it — you’ll be sharing that small space pretty intimately with your fellow road-trippers, all your stuff, and any pets you take along. You’re going to want something stylish that also has a ton of practical features…. Read more »

Grow Your Business with a Company Vehicle

Business owners know that transporting your products and the equipment required to provide your service can be a serious budget constraint. Purchasing (or leasing) a vehicle is, after all, a pretty big financial commitment, and if your small business is barely scraping by, the extra bill for a car payment may be seen as a… Read more »

How to Kit Out Your Car for Superior Sound

Although lots of modern cars come pre-installed with audio systems that integrate with all the latest tech, you’re faced with a variety of options for hooking your car up when you buy used. We’ve looked at the best ways to get the audio you want when you’re cruising to work or play. Car Stereos In… Read more »

October 23, 2015

You Only Need $12 Million for That McLaren

It is every car lover’s dream. The McLaren F1 will be auctioned off in August at the Monterey 2015 Classic Car Auctions in California. The 1998, bright orange, three-seater is one of the coolest cars out there. So how much is the supercar expected to go for? Oh, just $12 million dollars. Car lovers from… Read more »

The tech behind the automotive production line

As you drive your car on its daily commute to and from the store you may not fully appreciate the technology that has gone into getting your vehicle from the design stage through the production process and onto the road. Technology has always been the main driver of the automotive industry and you will find… Read more »

April 25, 2015