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Air France Fails with Star Wars Fans

I recently read a story about Air France offering passengers a chance to see the new Star Wars: The Force Awakens a couple days before its official release date. I thought it was pretty cool, but something just didn’t seem right. Then I just found out that Air France didn’t even let anyone know at… Read more »

Looks to Avoid This Fall

I thought it would be fun to revisit some of the wackiest fashion from New York’s Fashion Week for menswear that occurred in July. They showed off a lot of clothes that would be great for cooler weather and since fall is just around the corner, we are going to be seeing some of the… Read more »

Why are the VMAs Still Around?

The MTV Video Music Awards was on this weekend and it was a train wreck. I don’t understand why MTV still has an award show for music videos when they do not even play them anymore. I guess the show really isn’t about honoring the best videos anymore, but more about how extreme they can… Read more »

Taco Bell Serves Up Alcohol

Taco Bell is always pushing limits. With their unique menu full of interesting spins on Mexican food, what more could Taco Bell come up with? Well how about serving alcohol? Yes it is, true. A new Taco Bell location in Wicker Park in Chicago is doing a trial run of serving customers wine, beer and… Read more »