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Parental Concerns and Familytime App – How Do I Protect My Kids From Dangers on the Internet?

In 2018, most parents recognize that the internet, no matter what advantages it offers, hides a dark side. Many may know how to handle high-risk situations (such as cyberbullying or extortion), but their real concern is to protect their children from these dangers. Children and adolescents, being more innocent and having less experience, end up being an… Read more »

October 12, 2018

How to Plan For an International Trip

Are you planning to travel to a different continent? This can be a life-transforming experience for anyone. You can only make it a success through proper planning. It takes more than simply booking a ticket and waiting for the day to arrive since there is so much work you need to do. Let us look… Read more »

October 10, 2018

What to Look For in a Smoke Shop

For many people, cigarettes and cigars are no longer popular things to smoke. Younger crowds are taking up smoking in the form of vaping flavored liquids — according to a recent survey, many teens reported vaping various flavored liquids, while others are combining those flavored liquids with nicotine. And there are even more benefits, as… Read more »

Travel Advice For Holidaying With Pets

For most people, your pets are literally a part of your family. They bring so much joy and happiness into our lives that often you can’t imagine it without them. Becoming a pet owner is in itself a big decision to make, one that requires some forethought into the commitment required. Either way, you know… Read more »