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6 Things You Need to Know About Opening a Salon

If you’re interested in starting a new salon business, you’re looking at getting into an industry that brings in over $60 billion each year. Haircare, specifically, makes up about a quarter of that revenue. Running a beauty salon is difficult though and requires a lot of work and attention to detail. Understanding your startup costs,… Read more »

April 21, 2020

Tips on How Apps Can Save You Money on School Supplies

Getting your kids prepared for school can be a challenging time. You’ll have to help them mentally prepare for the next teachers they will have, maybe even the sometimes difficult transition from middle school to high school. But, just as taxing is what the start of school can do to your wallet. Buying new textbooks,… Read more »

Things to Do While Stuck at Home

Many of us are stuck at home these days, but there are plenty of things you can do to beat that boredom! To playing games online to reading to exercising, there are lots of things to keep you busy! Games Not only can you get online to play games with friends, but you can also… Read more »

Turn Shatter To E-Juice

Shatter is a crystalline herbal concentrate that is made from butane extracts. If correctly handled, it can remain in a crystalline state for quite a reasonable time, especially when at room temperature, if you are to turn shatter to e-juice successfully. Invention about the vape technology, especially the cartridge, has brought about an ordinance to… Read more »

April 13, 2020