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Stylish Desk Chairs for the Office

If you love adding your own style to your desk in the office like I do, then you will love the idea of adding your own flare with the right desk chair. There are many different ways to personalize and decorate your space, but with a chair, you are adding your own style without taking… Read more »

Charming Worcester, Massachusetts

Worcester, MA might seem a little off the beaten path, but this suburb of Boston, located near central Massachusetts, is beyond charming and is the perfect place to spend a few days away from the hustle and bustle of everyday life. The city is known as the “Heart of the Commonwealth,” since it is so… Read more »

August 30, 2018

How to Make a Leather Bag

Are you trying to make a leather bag? Find out how in this guide! Understand the Function First So you’re planning to make your first leather bag? Before thinking about the leather color, type, stitch types, cool logos, and zippers, think about the bag’s overall function. Remember that any type of design for a product… Read more »

August 9, 2018