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Do Today’s Hookup Apps Really Work?

Being that you are living in today’s technology-filled world it is highly likely that you’ve heard the phrase – there really is an app available for everything these days. Want to have groceries not only delivered to your front door but want to have them stocked in your fridge? Want to sell your car and… Read more »

September 23, 2020

Imagining a Cheltenham Festival without crowds

It feels like so long since we revelled in the unparalleled excitement of the Cheltenham Festival back in March. When the crowds left after the final day’s racing on Friday March 13th, few would’ve imagined that we would then go six months, and counting, with crowds not being allowed to attend race meetings.  But that… Read more »

Can I Test My Hearing at Home?

While people of all ages can suffer from hearing loss, the likelihood of experiencing it to some degree after the age of 55 is one in four. This statistic increases to one in two after the age of 65. With numbers like these, failing to get a hearing test can impact your health and your… Read more »

4 Essential Tech Resources to Get You Through Quarantine

Outside of using a laptop for work and some personal projects, and a smartphone for nearly everything else, many people might not have worried too much about technology before COVID-19 emerged in early 2020. However, everything has changed. In April 2020, The New York Times posted an article discussing how “the virus changed the way… Read more »

5 Tips for Managing Chronic Pain

Everyone feels pain from time to time. When you pull a muscle or sprain your ankle, acute pain is your body’s way of letting you know something is wrong. After your injury heals, you stop hurting. Chronic pain is different. Your body might experience pain for weeks, months, or years after the injury. Doctors often… Read more »