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5 Warning Signs That May Mean Your Partner Is Cheating

Have you ever wondered whether your partner is cheating on you? It’s a very natural thing to worry about: cheating is unfortunately common and it’s something you may have even dealt with yourself. But whether you’ve actively dealt with cheating in a relationship or not, you might not know everything you need to know about… Read more »

Time to Celebrate Love! A Guide on How to Plan a Small Wedding

Are you planning on a small wedding but don’t know where to start? After the initial excitement of the engagement, most couples set the date for a wedding and start preparing mentally and financially. Weddings can be extremely expensive, and things add up quickly. If spending thousands of dollars and inviting hundreds of guests isn’t… Read more »

November 7, 2019

What It’s Like Owning a Corgi

You want to get a Corgi, but you really aren’t sure what it is like owning one. Well, it is awesome! I am here to help give you a brief background on the Corgi and explain what it is like owning a Corgi. Make sure to check out Simple Guide to Living for more tips and tricks… Read more »

October 23, 2019

Survival Guide for Startup Businesses

Usually, the top priority of any new business is to survive the first years. Testing your idea in the real world can be frustrating just because you’ll have to face many obstacles along the way. Almost every niche is full of competitors that are making your job much more difficult.  The first year is crucial… Read more »

A Cool Treatment for the Cold Weather

With the cold weather on its way, let’s just sit back and think about what’s going to change. No more Sun. No more beaches. No more backyard drinking with friends. Maybe even no going outside altogether, if you live in a colder area of the world. And with all this staying at home, we pay… Read more »

September 23, 2019

How to travel even when you’re not into traveling

Traveling is undeniably great and changing your surroundings, enjoying different scenery whether like a tourist, for business, going for a vacation is oftentimes good for you. Inland folk love going seaside and enjoying sandy beaches and a warm, summer breeze or going to a mountain camping, hiking, skiing, farther the better, even to another continent… Read more »

September 15, 2019