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How to Conserve Water at Home [Infographic]

Seven hundred million people in the world are suffering because of water scarcity now. In the next six years, the number is expected to rise to 1.8 billion. And by 2050, two-thirds of the globe’s population will be living in water-stressed situations. Water scarcity is not only a problem faced by developing nations. Even in… Read more »

Using CBD for Anxiety and Insomnia

Everyone has experienced some level of anxiety at one point or another. Anxiety is a natural response during stressful situations when the mind perceives that something dangerous or harmful is going to happen. The heart starts to beat faster, and the body begins to perspire. The individual is on high alert, ready to flee if… Read more »

How to Plan a Party: All the Steps You Should Take

Do you have a party coming up that you have to host and you aren’t sure where to begin but are already stressed?  Guest stress syndrome is real and happens to those that get easily overwhelmed and anxious while planning and hosting a party.   Planning a party can become mentally and physically exhausting, but with… Read more »

September 16, 2019

Quick Blackjack Tips for Beginners

For such a popular casino game, jumping straight into the swing of things when new to live blackjack online can be a hit or miss. Want to learn how to fool the pros and play like the big guys? Check out these beginner tips to avoid novice mistakes! Anticipate rule changes Assuming the basic rules… Read more »

September 12, 2019

Money Saving Tips Before the Holidays

The holidays will be here before you know it so now is the prime time to start putting money back and applying these money saving tips. Between the parties and gifts, it is easy to use a nice chunk of your money over the holidays, but with these tips, you won’t be struggling come the… Read more »

August 29, 2019

Everything You Need To Know For Trekking in Tibet

The mysterious and unique Tibet has always attracted adventurers to trekking. Tibet has something for everyone, from climbing the high mountains, visiting and hiking around the holy lakes, hiking through national parks, or visiting numerous monasteries. Tibet lies under the Himalayas of the Tibetan Plateau, which has an average height of 5000 meters outside height… Read more »

July 23, 2019