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Remaining a Socialite During Your Quit-Smoking Journey

As a socialite, you may feel that your social life will be altered quite dramatically should you take the necessary steps to quit smoking. However, stop smoking chewing gum makers Nicotinell are on hand to detail how your social life need not be affected once you’ve kicked the habit: A look into the links between… Read more »

Why Do I Need a Home Inspection?

If you have bought or sold a house in the recent past, chances are that you had to have the house inspected before the sale can go through. Whether it is the buyer insisting or the bank, the inspection needs to be done. However, many people still don’t understand why they need to spend additional… Read more »

August 8, 2018

The Cost of the Average Lads’ Holiday

Getting the amount of spending money for a boys’ holiday right is a crucial, but sometimes tough task. You don’t want to take too much, but you definitely don’t want to be out of pocket when your mates are all having a good time. Here, we’ve worked out how much money you need for a… Read more »

July 25, 2018

5 Ways to Make Your Bike Quicker

Bikes are great, aren’t they? They are an environmentally-friendly form of transport that can get you from A to B, while also offering a host of health benefits. You may choose to go mountain biking, be a fan of road bikes, or enjoy a bit of time on the BMX. Whichever form you choose, one… Read more »

July 24, 2018

3 Common Myths About Machine Learning

In the modern high-tech world, Machine Learning (ML) and Artificial Intelligence (AI) technologies are perpetually making headlines across the world. Machine learning is supposed to revolutionize the world – from the way we diagnose diseases, to how we get around our cities, and so much more. But, like any hot topic, it can be hard… Read more »