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Five Amazing Ways 3D Printing Could Change Your Life

Despite the modern 3D printing industry being more than 30 years old, the full capacity of the technology’s capabilities is still being explored. As the technology improves, utilisation of 3D printing is becoming viable in more industries and the units are increasingly influential. Here we look at five ways 3D printing could change your life…. Read more »

November 20, 2014

8 of the luckiest, closest shaves ever

There are some people in this world who might tell you some sort of Guardian Angel is watching over them and after hearing their stories, you might just agree. Whether you partake in some dangerous extreme sports or are just a little accident-prone, these are the people you need to find and pat on the… Read more »

The Essential Road Trip Playlist Broken Down By Coast

Forget east coast/west coast rivalries, these songs are guaranteed to get you in the mood to pack up your things and hit the road, destination unknown. Whether you’re taking a quick few days out of state, or hauling you and your friends around the country in a motorhome, we’ve got you covered with some serious… Read more »

Amsterdam is Cooler Than That

So there’s this whole racket about Amsterdam and all the taboo things that are legal there (weed, prostitution, etc) I would like to blame that on those movies from the early aughts like Eurotrip. There’s so much more to Amsterdam than meets the eye…like stroopwafles.  Avoiding the tourist trap areas can make your holiday really… Read more »

October 10, 2014