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Taco Bell Serves Up Alcohol

Taco Bell is always pushing limits. With their unique menu full of interesting spins on Mexican food, what more could Taco Bell come up with? Well how about serving alcohol? Yes it is, true. A new Taco Bell location in Wicker Park in Chicago is doing a trial run of serving customers wine, beer and… Read more »

The Stars of The Daily Show

After 16 years, Jon Stewart said goodbye to The Daily Show. Stewart isn’t the only comedian who boosted their career thanks to the satire news show. The Daily Show has seen a lot of correspondents, most have gone on to do things and get recognized, but some turned out to be big stars. Ed Helms… Read more »

The Daily Show Says Goodbye to Stewart

Jon Stewart aired his final Daily Show episode last week and it was an emotional sendoff. The last episode was full of laughs, tears and famous correspondents from the past 16 years. The satire news show on Comedy Central is a favorite by many and it turned out to be one of the best sources… Read more »

Take a Look at the New Suicide Squad Film

The movie Suicide Squad will not be released for another year, but we recently got a look at the new film thanks to an in-depth trailer. In the upcoming superhero film, super villains come together to accept a top-secret government mission that most likely kill then. The film stars Will Smith, Jared Leto, Margot Robbie,… Read more »

August 8, 2015

Famous House from Breaking Bad For Sale

Breaking Bad fans can now own a piece of the hit show. Jesse Pinkman’s house from AMC’s original series is for sale for $1.6 million dollars in Albuquerque, New Mexico. Fans might be recall seeing the house many times throughout the series. In season 3 of Breaking Bad, Aaron Paul’s character Jesse Pinkman purchased the… Read more »

Get Ready For Some Fantasy Football

Football is just about here and that means another fun-filled year of Fantasy Football. Every year, you can try to prepare but anything can happen. Look at last year for an example; there were injuries left and right. This not only screwed up a lot of people’s rosters, but a lot of team’s hopes for… Read more »

Secret Spots of The Happiest Place On Earth

Disneyland is a very magical place that opened in 1955. It isn’t just home to Mickey Mouse and his friends; it is home to some hidden spots that the public rarely sees. Millions have walked the streets of Disneyland, but they have never walked on these sacred spots. Lilly Belle The creator of Disneyland Walter… Read more »

July 30, 2015