Why One-Hitter pipes Are So Popular Among Weed Lovers

One-hitter is quite popular amongst weed smokers these days. It is a name given to a small pipe that is attached to a narrow bowl that serves for a single inhalation or one hit only. It can house around 25ml of cannabis, which is enough for one-time use. One-hitters are available in many shapes in the market. Many people like to keep a cigarette look-alike one-hitter with them, but you can find some conventional forms of one-hitter pipes as well. Let’s see what the traditional styles of one-hitter are:

  • Chillum:

It is the most common style of one-hitter pipes. It comes in straight and conical-shaped pipes consisting of a channel connected from one end to another. Chillums were introduced by Hindu monks in the 18th century but they have made their way in the global market for long. First, they were made out of clay, but presently you can get the glass one-hitter or metallic one-hitter chillums too.

  • Sebsi:

Sebsi is Morocco-origin one-hitter pipe. Its narrow bowl is made with clay and its stem is carved out of wood. Sebsihappens to be very long and is generally used to smoke weed and kief.

  • Midwakh:

This one-hitter pipe is prevalent in the United Arab Emirates and is used to smoke tobacco infused with mixed herbs. It is made with different materials such as metal, glass, and wood.

  • Kiseru:

Kiseru is a Japanese version of one-hitter and is usually made with bamboo and metal. It was introduced back in the 17th century and is popular since then.

Modern one-hitter pipes variations.

In this section, we will put forward some modern variations of one-hitters that are most commonly available in the market. Look at the options and decide which model is more beneficial to invest in to get better results.

  •  Mini hurricane one-hitter pipe:

This design of one-hitter serves those people who fancy using hand pipes and want to combine the goodness of hand pipes with the comfort and convenience of a one-hitter. You will find these mini hurricanes made with Pyrex glass, which is why these prove to be much durable as compared to the other one-hitters available in the market. You will find its bowl at the top of the stem. You can either attach it to your keychain or wear it in your neck by using its loop.

  • The Glass Chillum:

This one-hitter is 7.8 inches long, which means that it will let the smoker inhale a much cooler smoke as compared to those one-hitters that are shorter in length. As its name suggests, glass chillum is made out of durable glass and is quite easy to use. If you want to enjoy a crisper toke, then you can attach a metal screen also for a much delightful smoke time.

  • The stone chillum:

It functions the same as the glass chillum does. It is convenient to use and much durable as compared to a one-hitter. The only difference comes with the material. The stone cools down the smoke before the smoker inhales it, so it prevents the toxins from entering your lungs. You can again attach the metal screen with the stone chillum just like you do with a one-hitter for much indulgence.

  •  Fumed glass one-hitter:

This type of traditional one-hitter is manufactured in the US production units, and durable borosilicate glass is used for the production. It is made 3.5 inches long. You can use this pipe more than once as its bowl size is enough to keep more drugs. The beautiful artwork with which individual one-hitters are crafted by Mountain Jam Glass Company of Oregon makes each piece unique and one-of-a-kind.

  • Happy Hippie Hitter:

It is again a variation of glass one-hitters which Mountain Jam Glass Company manufactures in Oregon, US. This one-hitter is 4 inches long only. What makes it exclusive from the other one-hitters? Well, each pipe comes with a unique style and colour, as every pipe is exclusively hand-crafted by an expert glass artist. Its design more looks like a happy puppet face, and even some one-hitters can change their colours. You can add one to your one-hitter collection.

  • Forma x 420 pipe:

This type of one-hitter comes in metal, and its pipe length is measured to be 3 inches. You can also find it in many colours at affordable prices.

  • The Claw:

This excellent one-hitter looks like a cigarette, and it is very slim and stylish. You can conveniently carry it around with you. Why this one-hitter is called Claw? Well, its tip comes in the shape of a claw that holds the weed tightly and saves it from falling.