Why Do Cats Need Scratching Posts?


If you’re a cat owner, you probably knew about this already. These silly pets can be playful sometimes, but they just can’t keep their claws to themselves. When you’re new to having a cat, you may have convinced yourself that they won’t trash anything in the house. They can also be lazy animals, but that’s not quite the point. 

Kittens are very playful, you should watch out for that. Anyways, you trusted them enough to behave, and at first, that’s what they’ll do. Moments later or say a good few days, they will start to scratch something in your house. However, this is nothing new to cat owners who have tamed their feline quite nicely. 

This leaves you wondering, why do cats do that when they’ve been so good the past few days? Let me tell you something: Felines also need to blow off some steam. You never know when an animal is stressed or excited. Or maybe they’re just up for a little exercise. So, to keep your pet from destroying everything, you’ll need a scratching post to keep them busy.

Why do cats feel the need to scratch something?

When you notice your cat scratching some of your furniture it could mean a lot of things. For example, he/she might be stressed out. They also do it to mark their territory or as a part of their grooming behavior. It removes the outer layer from your pet’s nails and keeps your cat healthy because it gives them the chance to stretch their claws. Learn more about it here: https://www.cuteness.com/13558839/why-do-cats-scratch.

Why is it important to let your cat scratch stuff?

It’s not good to let your pet scratch everything inside your home. But, you could teach them to use a scratching post. There are pros and cons when you let your cat use their claws as they wish. One of the cons is that they can destroy some of your furniture. The number one item they’ll be destroying will be your sofa which you probably won’t like very much.

Pros are like I had mentioned before, it removes the outer layer of their claws, as well as many of its purposes. Your pet will always have the urge to scratch something. But there’s also a good outcome if they’re able to do that. So, to avoid further damages to your furniture, get them a scratching post. You and your cat will benefit from this! 

What are scratching posts made of?

As we are all aware, a scratching post’s base is the wooden material. It comes in a variety of shapes and sizes, you may have a hard time picking one. Luckily, we’ll get to that later! Anyways, we have what we call a sisal fabric. 

A lot of cat owners nowadays have been introduced to this type and immediately fell in love with the effect it gives to their little friend. The rough sisal is ideal for a cat’s scratching post even though it’s slightly expensive. This type of fabric (also called as sisal rope) is the most high-quality material on the market. 

With that said, even if it’ll cost so much, people still buy it because of its effectiveness. An average post will last depending on how your cat uses it. It can last for up to 5 months or maybe years. That’s why buying a high-quality scratching post is worth it!


How to pick a scratching post?

  • First of all, it’s important to know where you’re placing their scratching post. It should be at a place where they’d be able to use it as they wish.
  • Secondly, the texture of it is also quite important. Why? Your pet might want to dig in its claws. And they’d be a little rough at the post. They also do that not only to stretch it out, but also to get rid of the layer from its claws.
  • As I’ve mentioned before, cats like to stretch it out sometimes. This is one of the benefits of having a scratching post because it helps with your cat’s health. It keeps them active. So, having a tall post or maybe just the right height for your cat will also be very helpful.
  • Another important thing in picking a scratching post for your cat is the angle. But first, you must observe how your cat scratches things. If he/she likes to scratch your carpet, then your pet will need a flat on the ground scratching pad. But if you notice how it likes to stretch its body while scratching your furniture, then a post is the one for you!
  • Lastly, you want to make sure that your post is stable enough. Your cat will be playing roughly with it and it should be able to withstand that. If you have an unstable post, it won’t be able to support your cat’s weight.

Most people would agree that having a scratching post is better than having all your furniture ruined. Now that you know how to pick the right scratching items for your cat, let’s talk about where to get them. There are many shops out there and you may have a hard time. You can also pick out the best posts for scratching online. Remember, always buy for quality and you’ll never go wrong.

Instead of letting your cats wreak more havoc in the house, buying them a scratching post should let you rest easy. Allow them to get busy with their hands and they’re sure to not bother you anytime soon!