Top Tips in Dating In Australia

We all want to find love, even if we do not know what to do with it. Even when we were young, we were exposed to these kinds of ideas from our parents. Stories about princesses, knights and even space cowboys have some tinge of romance in them. 

These days, we see that there is even a trend in the world of love affairs. People are now more into faster relationships, as the world around them revolves on dating rather than forming an actual relationship. Here in the so-called Land Down Under, there seems to be no difference. 

In this day and age, people are still confused with Aussies. It seems that they are too disconnected from the other places in the United Kingdom. Even though Australia still honors Her Majesty, the country is autonomous as this page says. It has her set of government officials as well as citizens that are separate from those of the British. 

The Aussies are sometimes referred to as the uncouth cousins, even though that is a bit harsh. Nevertheless, it seems that so many people are fascinated by the Australian way of life.

The Aussie Way for Love

This has also blended into the dating scene. Many in the West have some sort of fascination for the Aussie. Most of them do not sound like your typical British with their posh twang, nor do they have a more reserved and polite demeanor that Canadians seem to have. 

Rather, Australians are loud and boisterous. They are known for their big personalities coupled with a rougher twang that seems to make everybody swoon. The life of the party, as they might be called and most Aussies would agree, 

It doesn’t help that most celebrities that have been imported from here to Hollywood have been well-received. From Hugh Jackman, Chris Hemsworth and Margot Robbie, they are now the darlings of the biggest entertainment industry in the world. They have helped in molding the Down Under stereotype, and it has been affecting the dating scene as well. 

Men and women both want their version of a Hemsworth or Robbie, and so this leads us to the question: how to date an Australian?

Now, you might be lucky with this one. As it is considered a “Western country”, there are no rules that define dating here. You do not need to be very careful with your words, but you will still need to hold back a little. 

With that being said, most Aussies are open to dating. They seem to be versatile and are almost open for anything; this is advantageous especially for people who might have a harder time in other cultures. 

As you have read, dating in Australia is not that different from dating another person from another country. This all depends on various circumstances, some of which might be out of your control. If you are a certified Aussie-chaser, then be forewarned: it may not be as it seems. 

Don’t date someone just because they came from a country that you particularly like. Unless a genetically cloned copy of Jackman or whoever celebrity that you fancy would appear, there is no guarantee that you love life would be successful. However, if you find yourself in this situation, here are some tips that can help you. 

Check Out These Tips

  • Social media will be your ally

Now, this may seem to be surprising, but Australians love their social media. More specifically, they love Facebook. More than 80% of the population has access to it, and they are rather active in the webpages. This is even more than the others that have already infiltrated the scene, like Instagram and Twitter. 

If you want to meet someone in the local scene, then this might be where you find him or her. Meanwhile, the use of dating apps has also been steadily increasing for a while now. You can also check that out. Read more about this here:

  • Be prepared for a more casual dating scene

As we have mentioned before, the scene here is a bit more casual than most people would think. It is not like people just sleep with each other all the time. It’s just a more open society, so freedom is your choice. For example, most Australians, especially the younger generation, tend to date more than two people at the same time. 

As long as it is just a casual meetup like dinner or a casual walk on the beach, there is nothing wrong with it. This is the get to know stage, so you can still choose who you want to see for a longer time. 

  • Many ways to meet someone

Aside from social media, there are so many other places that you can meet others who are into the scene. Most students would have more freedom since they are just in one location. For those who are already working, you can meet someone in the vicinity. It does not need to turn into love; some found genuine friendship after a couple of meetups. As long as you are being true but still pleasant with each other, a connection can happen between the two of you. Every decision is supposed to be communicated clearly so that no one will be left behind hurt and confused. 

  • Be confident

This might seem like a cliché and overused advice, but it does work. It might not be in your personality, but being the shy type would probably give you a hard time in the down under. When we said Aussies are loud, they can be LOUD at the right place and time. Some would even banter with words that would seem like an insult with other cultures. Jokes can get dirtier by the minute. 

They even have their jargon, so you need to learn that before you can even interact or else you would be lost. Add a bottle of Carlton Draught or Victoria Bitter and the date might turn into an all-out party. Meeting a proper Aussie is like lighting a firecracker, but you would have a lot of fun.