TikTok vs Instagram: Social Media Entertainment For Everyone

Social media platforms have become a key component in our daily lives as the internet has completely transformed the way we consume entertainment. However, some platforms are significantly more appropriate for a diverse audience in comparison to others. While Instagram has been around for quite some time, recent speculations suggest that TikTok may be the reigning social media giant. 

While a large number of social media enthusiasts may rave at the sight of a new platform, there is hardly any knowing whether or not specific platforms will be able to survive the test of time. Even though Instagram initially seemed capable of overtaking Facebook, the first social media platform has proved capable of adapting to the needs and wants of users over time. If you are wondering whether or not TikTok is here to stay, the following comparison dissects the two most popular platforms.

Video vs Photo

Instagram and TikTok serve very different purposes, as TikTok mainly showcases a series of videos, while Instagram is more photo orientated. Even though you can upload videos with Instagram, TikTok is strictly for short, entertaining clips, most of which are enticing and engaging challenges

With the rise of social media influencers first emerging with Instagram, TikTok is close behind as sites such as Hypesi can assist aspiring influencers to build the channels with marketing tactics. Therefore, both platforms fall into the categories of entertainment as well as advertising. 

The Most Diverse Audience

While both apps host very different demographics, Instagram seems to lure individuals aged between 18 and 34, with a more substantial majority of this audience being female. On the other hand, TikTok appears to appeal to a much younger age group; with over 15 million users who are just 15 years of age. 

That being said, TikTok has also been dubbed as an app that the whole family can enjoy, as many youngsters partake in family challenges, in which, a much older generation can be seen enjoying the app. Therefore, TikTok reigns when it comes to the most diverse audience, competing closely with the iconic Facebook app.

Popularity Comparison

While Instagram may have birthed the influencer craze, statistics show that the app’s popularity is gradually decreasing. At it’s highest point, the engagement of the site was growing a mere 5% per quarter, which soon dropped to a lower 3% shortly after. Even though the app has over 1 billion users worldwide, popularity is ultimately stagnating. 

In terms of the popularity of TikTok, the site accumulated a staggering user count of 1 billion users within its first two years of launching. What’s more, the app was downloaded 614 million times in 2019, suggesting that the popularity of this app could surpass that of Instagram soon. However, the real question is whether or not TikTok’s exceptional emergence will be as short-lived as the likes of previously popular apps such as Snapchat. 

When it comes to determining whether or not a social media app will survive over time, it could be the element of influencers keeping the app alive, which may be the case with Instagram and Facebook.