The Stats Have Spoken: How Do People Use Dating Apps in 2020?

Dating apps have become a multi-billion dollar business that continues to boom in 2020. As people adopted a new normal with quarantining and social distancing during the pandemic, dating apps became a way to stay connected when we were apart. Virtual dating and online conversations encouraged a different socialization type during the days of home cooking and remote working. Consider the opportunities that exist for developing dating apps that deliver what daters really want.

The Emotions Behind Swiping

Swiping right is now one of the most popular ways to meet a potential partner. Nobody lowers their voice to tell others they met that special someone online. With people banking, reading, researching, and writing online, it seems natural to date that way, too. Knowing the emotions that drive dating app users helps you build a dating app that resonates with them. The leading reasons people use dating apps are curiosity, convenience, and boredom. Keep these emotional motivations in mind to develop a robust dating app that meets or exceeds the users’ expectations.

Give Them What They Want

A vast number of people turn to dating apps for some companionship. One-third of Internet users in the United States used a dating app over the past six months. With curiosity as the leading reason for using them, give daters what they want. Develop a navigable app to make searching for a potential partner easy. A user-friendly interface keeps people coming back for more because they feel comfortable using the app. Focus on security to make users feel at ease about sharing their personal information.

Bringing People Together

Convenience is another top reason busy people rely on dating apps. Many people are juggling work, school, and home responsibilities. Searching for a date during these hectic activities is often impossible. Social distancing created additional challenges for those looking for that special someone. Dating apps bring people together when other circumstances make it challenging to meet new social connections. From overbooked executives to quarantining teens, everyone is using dating apps to find opportunities to connect. People of all ages and sexual preferences feel comfortable using dating apps and talking about them with their friends.

Hope for the Future

Many of us can relate to looking for something exciting to do when we feel bored. Whether we have time on our hands or want a break from the usual routine, dating apps are a fantastic way to escape. From dreaming about romance to having a night out on the town, we all have different goals when we start swiping right. Fortunately, there’s likely to be someone else looking for the same thing. Dating apps should be designed for simplicity. Searching based on age and interests helps people make meaningful connections. When users are satisfied with their matches, they prefer using that dating app.

The way we socialize has changed since the development of the Internet and social distancing during coronavirus. Instead of going out to bars, dealing with blind dates, or placing personal ads in a newspaper, people use dating apps to connect with that special someone. Be part of this social change and profit from it by developing a dating app that brings people together. No matter how times change, everyone wants companionship. Give people what they want and feel good about making money to encourage falling in love and finding that perfect romantic partner.