The Science Behind Why It Feels Great to Score a New Designer Item

Some people say that they are literally addicted to fashion and shopping, and they aren’t wrong. There is science involved with the feelings, created by dopamine rushes, that come when a person makes the purchase of a high-end item. For some, this will be sports cars, for others it will be homes. Even if all of your purchases can fit into a small shopping bag, there is a science behind why you feel absolutely wonderful when you give into your buying cravings. Read along to find out why you probably aren’t addicted to shopping, but really enjoy spending money sometimes. 

Being First Means You Get to Set Trends with Friends 

In social circles, there are always people who seem to get the newest high-end fashion the very moment it comes out. In fact, you may just be finding out about which Fendi sneakers have just come out while a friend already has them on. It’s fun to be first, as it gets you noticed and it gives you something to talk about. 

A lot of the time, people in your social group will want to talk to you about what you’re wearing, if you are always the first one to be able to get your hands on it. 

New Fashion and Exclusivity

When you wear a piece that is brand new off the rack and not readily available in stores, you are saying that you have access to some pretty exclusive sources. Sometimes, it turns out that only people living in cities where fashion designers have a flagship store get to be so lucky. Then again, people may just assume that you know someone pretty high up to get access to the hottest brands as soon as they debut. It really does feel great to have exclusive access to fashions, and you don’t even need to consult with a scientist to know that.

Why More Expensive Fashion Points to High Social Status 

Getting What You Want Feels Good 

The reality is that people know what’s within or outside of their budget simply by looking at the label. And for the brands that are known for being truly cream of the crop, you don’t even have to look behind the stitching and fabrics to know if it is affordable or not. Clothes are still a big indicator of social status these days. If you can afford to wear Fendi sneakers in everyday, casual settings, then you likely are upper-middle class or above. So, it can feel really good to wear clothing that you know was designed with upward mobility in mind.

Whenever you purchase high-end clothes simply because you want to, you are literally going to feel a rush. This happens only when you are not going over budget, are buying something that you really enjoy looking at and wearing, and have a positive association with high-end items. People become conditioned to respond this way, because the overall experience of buying luxury is more enjoyable. Sales people are trained to treat you like you are more valuable and important, and even the customer service department on a high-end website will use subtly different language. For those who haven’t always been financially comfortable and perhaps grew up without buying luxury items, this feeling can become much, much stronger.

No Research Study Needed – Spending Money Charges Your Emotions 

If you have ever had a bill that came up that was both sizable and unexpected, you have felt some very strong emotions associated with money before. It would not be unexpected or unreasonable to become flustered, panicked, upset, and even sad upon learning that half of your savings were going to need to go to a major expense. And if that expense was for an unavoidable need, such as a car repair or roof replacement, you might feel another range of emotions such as being trapped or unlucky. Just as buying something that you really like, especially when it is costly, can make you feel good, having to pay for an item that you don’t want is going to make you feel emotional. 

Anything with value is going to have some sort of emotional connection for humans. In ancient times, food and comforts like fire and warm clothes probably elicited the very strongest emotional responses for our ancestors. As humans evolved, non-necessities started to grow in popularity and became more accessible. Therefore, a cave just didn’t get the same weight as a nice brick home. Now, we have pretty heavily charged emotional connections to fashion designers and items like Fendi sneakers. You can study the brain in detail or even the behaviors of people, but know that there are plenty of scientific theories on why this is.