The best health services at Marbella

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Marbella is a popular tourist destination and a top contender for people wanting to start a new life abroad. But when traveling to a foreign country, we always need to make sure we will have access to a good health service. Having access to quality health services should always be on the top of our priorities list, especially when it comes to the services our loved ones might need.

Making sure your health is in the best hands

Located on the southern coast of Spain, Marbella has become the jewel of the crown for the tourist sector. This charming town has changed so much from its humble origins as a fishing town. Now, it features luxurious restaurants, hotels and beaches attracting tourists from all over the world, as well as making it one of the favorite spots for expats wanting to start a peaceful life in Spain.  

But visiting a foreign country can be complicated sometimes, As much as we want to spend our days doing fun activities and enjoying ourselves and our family, we need to plan ahead for certain things beforehand if we want things to run out smoothly. And one of the most important things we need to ensure when visiting Spain is that we have access to a good health care service

Although Spain has a public health system in place, it often comes with long waiting queues if you require professional attention and you can face a language barrier as most practitioners do not speak English. Thankfully, there is a truly amazing Marbella private clinic which has gained a reputation as one of the bests clinics in the entire country.

Clínica Excelan is a private health center located in the heart of Marbella. They pride themselves on their team of experienced professionals and their fast personalized treatments to any possible health problem their patients may encounter. And the best part is that they specialize in the attendance of international patients, giving fast responses to any problem you could encounter during your visit to Marbella.

The best health clinic in Marbella

Over the last years, Clínica Excelan has gained a reputation as one of the best private clinics in Spain and there is no wonder why. This clinic offers many services you will not be able to find anywhere else, such as:

The most modern ambulance fleet

Clínica Excelan has a modern ambulance fleet available for everything you could need: transportation to doctor appointments, airport pick ups, transfers between hospitals (both in Spain and abroad), etc. 

Their ambulances come with the most advanced medical equipments, all in the latest Mercedes Benz’s ambulance models. 

Clínica Excelan specializes in the treatment of foreigner patients, and their ambulance services are no exception to this. They offer a repatriation service in case you are not able to return home on your own, ensuring that you get home or your local hospital safe and sound.

Doctor at home

Sometimes, traveling to the health clinic can be quite inconvenient. We may find ourselves unable to visit the doctor or we simply do not want to expose ourselves to other patients (with the subsequent risk of contagion).

Because of this, Clínica Excelan offers the services of a GP Doctor on Call. With just a call, an English speaking doctor will attend to you and travel to your location to assist you (your hotel, a restaurant, a park… whenever you would feel the most comfortable at that moment). 

Emergency services

Receiving a fast response can be crucial when we face serious health problems. Because of this, Clínica Excelan offer an emergency service that will assist you as fast as possible available 24 hours a day. 

Their emergency services will provide you with immediate medical attention for:

  • Respiratory diseases (Asthma crisis, COPD, etc.)
  • Heart problems (arrhythmias, heart attacks, etc).
  • Injuries
  • Cuts, burns and wounds.
  • Transfer to the closest referral hospital if found necessary
  • Urgent tests (blood, urine, drug test, etc.)