Tackling Real Social Issues: Little Things That Make A Difference

There are a lot of things we can’t change. One often feels guilty about not having the time to take on the more prominent social issues that plague humanity. We are confronted with daily reminders that despite the progress we have made over the last century, there is still a lot to be done. Be it the racism in Once Upon a Time in Hollywood by director Quinton Tarantino, or the shocking criminal behaviour of ruthless members of law enforcement, it feels like inequality and indifference plague every aspect of modern life.

The thing is that for many of us, a full-time commitment to affecting social change isn’t possible. We have to work, or we will starve. Or at very least join the ranks of forgotten statistics. We have responsibilities to our families and our children. Maybe the problem then is that we are almost intimidated into believing that if we aren’t changing ourselves to every pine tree or throwing our bodies before construction vehicles, then we aren’t doing enough. We would argue this attitude is counterproductive.

Instead, we suggest taking on as much as you can chew. Rather than avoiding any action because you cannot see how you can make a significant change, tackle smaller projects, make smaller changes, and trust in the ripple effect. There are great options that do make a difference.

Volunteer At (And Support) Local Libraries

There are undoubtedly more immediate and pressing concerns. At least this is true on the face of it. Institutions like public libraries offer more than just the books they hold. The culture of learning, the magic of exploring the mind, these alone can be enough to turn a life around. Only one small spark is all it takes, and you could help ignite that spark in the lives of the children in your community. Volunteering offers us invaluable rewarding experiences.

Teach A Class

Don’t charge for your time. Everyone has skill sets that can benefit others. This is particularly beneficial to lower-income communities with high unemployment rates. Even if you do frequent groups at a local community centre on topics like preparing a resume, or dressing for an interview, there is a great deal of good you can sow in trying to uplift those most in need.

Retirement Home

There is something particularly concerning retirement in general. It seems that the heartbreak one encounters in no way correlates to socioeconomic status. Certain places could benefit from assistance when it comes to caring for residents. Still, given constraints, you may only have the time to visit and perhaps entertain lonely individuals who may not be so fortunate as to receive frequent visits from their families.

Animal Rescue Shelters

Look, this option is not for everyone. Even if you are an animal lover, or perhaps the more you do love animals, the harder it is on your emotions. Not every story ends well, and with the sheer amount of animals in need of help, not every animal gets adopted. If you do have the constitution, it can be a humbling and character-building experience. Because shelters are so inundated, any help you can offer will go a long way.